Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keurig and coffee lovers

KEURIG - Single cup coffee maker for the home and office - brew a wide variety of gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa one cup at a time in under 60 seconds.

The most popular Keurig single cup coffee makers are the MINI and the Elite models.

Keurig MINI

Keurig Elite

Coffee made using the Keurig system tastes different than the regular drip coffee maker. I bought my Keurig 2 years ago and it is still running strong. If you are in the market for one, I found that Kohl's has them in sale quite often. If you happen to have a Kohl’s Charge and you receive the additional 30% saving pass, you are in luck. Combining the sale price with the additional percentage off can give you a great final price. For the Elite line my price to beat is $80.00.

Keurig uses single serve coffee - K-cups. K-cups can be quite expensive and finding the best deals for you is our GOAL. For your convenience, each week we will provide a list with current sale prices matched with available coupons.

Our stock up price for K-cups     $0.20 -$0.30/serving.

Disclaimer - This is just my opinion and I was not paid to promote the brand - I have no agreement or affiliation with Keurig.



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