Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zaycon Foods - A new way of buying meats

Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? If you have not, take a look at below video. We purchased from them numerous times fresh Boneless Chicken breast, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and pork fillets. We were very happy with our purchase every single time.

Zaycon Foods is coming back to our area in October 2013. They are coming to Cary/Durham/Raleigh couple of times a year now, since their market has grown a lot within the last year. Their prices are under the supermarket price and the chicken breast is fresh, never frozen. We are sharing this with you, because their prices are below the supermarket for the quality you are getting - About Zaycon

If you are interested, you can create an account using our referral link and see details about locations and upcoming dates around you Zaycon Create account

Andrada and Lori

Disclaimer - We did not receive any type of compensation from Zaycon. We are sharing with you our review on them, because we are both Zaycon customers and we are very happy with the purchases we made. 

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