Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to save on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a staple in our homes. It is true, we do not have many coupons available for them; however we still can SAVE on produce. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, we recommend 3 sources:

Aldi – our #1 choice, especially when we have a need for both fruits and vegetables. Aldi’s prices allows us to just walk in the store and grab all the fruits and veggies at a decent price. Fruits tend to be ripped majority of the time, so if you know your family does not eat them daily or couple of times a day than do not buy more than 1 box/pint/bag.  

We will post on a weekly basis Aldi’s produce prices to help you opt for your choices when compiling your shopping list and/or trips.

Food Lion – if you have a Food Lion by your house, we recommend signing up for their email alerts. Every Tuesday, you will receive an email with their upcoming ad and additional coupon savings are ALWAYS included. Our favorite coupons are for produce and meat. The most popular ones are $$ off when spending a certain amount in the produce and/or meat department (Ex: $2 off if you spend $5 in the produce section or $2 off if you spend $7 or $8 in the meat department).

Earthbound Farm Organic – is one of the very few produce companies with coupons available on weekly basis. Visit their website and sign up to receive email alerts. You will be amazed on what you will receive via email couple of times a week. Harris Teeter sells Earthbound Farm produce and often goes on sale. Matching the sale price with the printable coupon you receive via email makes another great saving for your everyday produce needs.

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