Monday, April 29, 2013

Why should I use coupons?

           In the last couple of years, we have seen a big jump in coupon use. Although, there is a big percentage of people who need to use coupons in order to make ends meet, reality is that coupons are used for more people than we think. The market is hungry for savvy shoppers and manufacturers have been releasing more coupons than ever.

          Coupons are available to ALL consumers. Savvy shoppers use coupons and shop strategically to save money and secure a better financial future for their family. Everyone can use the additional savings and the truth is that saving on groceries and items that we use every day is pretty much the only area where we can shop smarter. Cutting your grocery bill by 50% it DOESN’T mean you will have less food. Believe us; you WILL have more food, better variety and less MONEY coming out of your pocket.

         As a society, it is time to become more responsible with our financial future. We work hard for our paychecks, why not work as hard on saving money, and become more wiser when spending them. We are not trying to tell you to use coupons for everything and turn your life upside down; we really just want to SHARE our knowledge and experience and hopefully help you save some money. Coupons did change our lives and thought us so much more than just clipping, and matching.

                                            5 Reasons why you should use coupons
  1. Your grocery bill will be slashed by 50-60% - Save money
  2. You will learn to better manage your finances and become more organized 
  3. You will buy more for less and more Brand name products 
  4. You will avoid impulse buying 
  5. You will teach good values to your children/family/friends

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  1. This was very helpful! Thank you so much! Can I read more or what?